Journey to the Center of the Earth

Title: Journey to the Center of the Earth (Enriched Classic)
Author: Jules Verne
Primary Audience/age group: 12 and up
Genre: Science Fiction
# Of pages: 288
Publisher: Signet Classics
Year of Release: 1986
Part of a Series? No
Rating: 5 (View Scale)
Description: From the back of the book:
From the moment a strange Icelandic parchment is discovered in an old booksellers shop to the fantastic descent into the dark hollow heart of the earth itself. A journey to the Center of the Earth is fiction at its very best – a classic of science-adventure that remains as wonderfully entertaining today as when it was first published more than 120 years ago. Recognized as one of Jules Vernes finest novels, it contains that unique combination of believable science and wonderment that made this brilliant Frenchman the father of modern science fiction. A riveting odyssey into the unknown, it depicits a subterranean world full of danger and beauty. And for three men who dare to venture into this fearsome underworld, there is a fast-fading chance of ever returning to the surface alive. But it is what they discover at the Earths mysterious core that makes this a story still unequalled for high-tension excitement and great reading pleasure.
Review: Jules Verne takes readers on one wild adventure after another that keeps you turning pages and holding on tight! The Signet Classic version I read changed or as they put it anglicized the characters names. Professor Hardwigg deciphers a cryptogram and sets out on an adventure to find the center of the Earth. He takes his nephew, Harry (who is a grown man, engaged to be married) and an Icelandic guide named Hans (who was my favorite character). They explore empty lava caves and follow clues left by the one who wrote the cryptogram. The story is mostly about the journey to the center of the Earth, the shortages they face of food, water, light and faith, the difficulty in the finding their way down, and back up again. There is also some description of the terrors they face when discovering fierce and prehistoric animals. The book is full of intense action and adventure, but nothing inappropriate for young readers.


Rating: 5

Positive: Harry and his Uncle were very close and looked after each other, they had each others backs so to say. Though the journey was important, it was not more important than they were to each other. This book goes to show that an adventure does not have to include bad language and sex to be interesting and exciting.


Spiritual Elements: The professor acknowledges a Creator of the Earth and an Architect of the Universe. Professor Hardwigg also observed a day of worship and rest.


Violence: No violence – just intense, exciting action and suspense.


Language: None


Sexual Content: None


Other: Dont rely on the recent movie to tell you the story in this book. The movie, while a fun, family-friendly movie – is quite different from the book. The movie is about the son and brother of Harry (aka Alex) who in the book, went into the Center of the Earth with his Uncle/Professor Hardwigg (aka Lindenbrock).


Recommendation: I have never been a reader who is dedicated to reading classics. I tend to prefer more contemporary books. That being said – I thoroughly enjoyed Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was fast paced and full of adventure, it kept me wanting to find out what happened next on this exciting journey. However, I will admit I had to skim some parts of the story when the author got way too detailed and the science part of the fiction got too deep. Dont let that stop you though – this is a journey youll be glad you took!

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