Fearfully and Wonderfully Made  

By Reviewer Shawna
Title: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Author: Jewel D. Williams
Primary Audience/age group: 13 and up
Genre: Non-fiction
# Of pages: 168
Publisher: Pleasant Word
Year of Release: 2008
Part of a Series? No
Rating: 3 (View Scale) (See Recommendation)
Description: From book jacket: Where do our young ladies find answers to their questions about themselves? Are the movies or music videos correct? Does today’s music hold the answers? NO! Our Young girls are being bombarded with the wrong images. The world is giving them incorrect answers to the questions they have about life. It is time to change where our young ladies get the answers for the purpose of their lives. That is where Fearfully and Wonderfully Made can help. When our young ladies realize that God wants to be a vital part in their lives and that he has the answers, then the stronghold the enemy has on them can be broken. They need answers to the question of who they can become. They need answers to the questions of what the Bible says about sex, abortion and so much more. They need answers that the world is not capable of giving. They need the answers that only God’s Word can give.
Review: Remember your teen years? Its a time of growth, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. Its the time when you began to make your own decisions separate from your parents. It can be such a difficult time, but with Gods wisdom, young ladies can make wise, Biblically-based decisions. Because even at that age, the decisions they make can affect them as adults. Jewel D. Williams uses the struggles she faced and overcame with Gods help to encourage young women in their walks with Christ. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made is a much-needed guide to Gods word on the hard decisions young women will face in an easy-to-read study-guide format. 


Rating: 3 for mature content dealing with sexuality and mention of child abuse and a rape (see below)


Positive: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made encourages young ladies to meditate on Gods word and teaches them Gods principles on topics like peer pressure, dating and drinking. Williams encourages girls to set Christ-centered goals for themselves and search for Gods purpose in their lives. She also encourages young women to look to their parents or other Christian adults as mentors. Williams also uses the results of several teenage studies to help young ladies identify with the choices other teens are making as well.


Spiritual Elements: The entire book is Bible-based and uses many quotes from Scripture to guide young women in decision making.


Violence: Williams details her own difficult story as she faced abuse from her parents and even a rape in college (which is not discussed in depth.) With Gods help, she was able to overcome her difficult circumstances and choose to live a Christ-centered life.


Language: none


Sexual Content: Gods plan for waiting for sex until marriage is spelled out. The book also talks about how to deal with pressure to have sex before marriage and how to avoid sexual temptation.


Other: Teen drug and alcohol use are discussed as well as the consequences of use and what the Bible says about such behavior.

The truths about abortion are covered as well as the importance of human life.


Recommendation: I highly recommend this book to any teenage girl struggling with the tough decisions on the road to adulthood. The book is set up in such a way that it is ideal for individual and group study. Although the book discusses mature topics, it is a much needed resource for girls as young as thirteen or fourteen. The topics are covered in an appropriate manner with Gods word at the center of it all. I would encourage parents to study along with their daughters or at least have some follow-up discussions with them about the topics discussed in the book.

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