Teen Lit Review Content Rating Scale

All books are rated for suitability using the scale below. Books are rated 1 through 5 with 5 being the highest rating or least offensive. We realize different parents as well as different reviewers may have opposing views on a books rating. This is one reason we developed the scale. However, if you have a differing opinion about a book, please feel free to comment in a respectful manner. We hope that the scale below will be of benefit to everyone. If you have any doubt in the appropriateness of a book for your child, we recommend you read the book yourself.

5 (best rating): minimal reservations, promotion of good values in general, age-appropriate, no language, no sexual detail (other than mild kissing but only for books ages 12 and up), mild violence without much detail

4: some reservations, mild language (only words found in the Bible: d***, a**, h***), mild disregard for authority, mild romantic/sexual detail with promotion of Christian values, some rude or crude behavior or comic mischief, mild to moderate violence with more detail, non-glamorized use of alcohol or drugs

3: moderate language (more frequent use of d***, a**, h*** and any use of b***h or b*****d), moderate sexual detail (such as deep kissing, mild talk (or intent) of sexual situations other than kissing), moderate crude language, more intense sequences of violence with blood

2: coarse language (any use of the word s***), intense sensuality/passion, some detail of sexual situations, some graphic violence

1: may be too offensive to recommend, explicit sexual situations, frequent course language (and any use of the words f*** or G*** d***), extreme graphic violence and horror, encourages/glamorizes underage drinking or drug use, extreme disregard for Christian values

Shortlisted: Books we chose not to finish due to content. These books are definitely not recommended.

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